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Nevada Chapter of NDIA
The National Defense Industrial Association, Nevada Chapter (NV-NDIA) is dedicated to supporting the vision and mission of the national organization, particularly as it affects the state of Nevada. Our chapter focus is on bringing together state-wide industry, academia, and defense (and other government) communities to advocate for and strengthen Nevada’s defense-related industries.

With our diverse membership, we seek practical ways to develop new technologies, promote a stronger government-industry team, and provide a professional forum to drive the interchange of ideas among our membership. Our members come from this industry-government-academia triad, regardless of size. Our success and the benefits to our members are the result of talented volunteers who make service to our defense community a priority. We welcome new members who are interested in supporting our goals and expanding their business opportunities.

Our Vision and Mission
Our chapter vision is to provide a forum that promotes collaboration, knowledge and technology to align, strengthen and grow Nevada’s defense industries. Our mission is to provide a professional forum to drive the interchange of ideas among the government, industry, and academia. Our primary areas of interest are the business and technical aspects of the government-industry relationship, encompassing government policies, practices, and business processes.
Nevada Chapter NDIA
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NV-NDIA chapter is undergoing some changes, we would like your input.  The web system we use does not allow web chat, so we have installed a guest book so that you can share your ideas for the Nevada Chapter of NDIA as it moves forward.  

Please sign the guest book and leave us a note about your thoughts on how this organization can help the defense industry in Nevada to grow and prosper. 
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